The Gan
Garrett Jewish Preschool

Amanda Phillips - Afternoon Teacher

Amanda Philips has been studying early childhood education for the last 6 years. She is currently completing her Bachelors degree through Concordia University with intentions to continue on to her Masters. Prior to working at the Gan, Amanda volunteered for a Montessori school in the Dominican Republic as well a public school in her hometown, Haines Alaska. Her passion for teaching is driven by her students endless curiosity, pure personalities, and enthusiasm for learning.

When not working or studying, she enjoys painting, reading and hiking. 

Tia Weniger- Music Instructor

Tia Weniger has enjoyed teaching music for the past 15 years.  She earned her degrees in Music Education and Music Performance in Conducting from Chapman University in Orange, California.  Before establishing a teaching career in Clark county, Tia performed with the LA Philharmonic and American Ballet Company, singing Opera.  She loves watching children develop a love for music and learn new skills through music exploration.  
Tia has twin daughters and who adore attending The Gan.  When not teaching, Tia enjoys playing with her husband and daughters, hiking, rock climbing, and running.

Renita Keatly- Office Administrator

Jillian Weidmann- Morning Teacher 

Jillian Wedlmann graduated from WSU Vancouver with a degree in Psychology with an emphasis on early childhood education. She finds it incredibly rewarding to be in a classroom where preschoolers are discovering not only new ways of thinking and learning about the world around them, but also growing daily in their emotional awareness and capacity for compassion.

Jillian has been married for 15 years and has a 13 year old son and 10 year old daughter. As a family, they enjoy reading, hiking, swimming, camping, traveling, and playing games.

Katie Elliott - Lead Teacher

Katie Elliott has been teaching pre-school for over 25 years. While completing her early childhood credential, she also earned a Masters degree in Education. Katie wrote her thesis on practical ways to help children develop conflict resolution and peacekeeping skills.  Katie enjoys seeing the smiles on her students faces when they accomplish their goals, and hearing the spontaneous giggles of joy produced through their discoveries.
Katie is a wife and a mother of two- a son aged 16 and a daughter aged 14.
When not teaching, Katie enjoys spending time with her kids and husband.

Tzivie Greenberg - Director

Tzivie Greenberg has been an educator for the last 13 years. Yet even prior to receiving to her teaching degree in Israel, she spent time in educational positions directing summer camps and teaching in Sunday Schools. She has held teaching positions in Jewish day schools as far as Johannesburg, South Africa and Milan, Italy. 
More then her administrative duties at The Gan, she most enjoys her time in the classroom and loves engaging the little preschoolers in thought provoking conversations. 
When she isn’t having fun with the kids at The Gan, she is home enjoying her own seven children.