The Gan
Garrett Jewish Preschool

us when he isn't traveling across the country for work.  We are all devoted and rowdy Seattle Seahawks fans and have had season tickets for thirteen  years.  Traveling to Seattle is always a treat for us because my family and many of our friends are there.  Aside from that: Adam is an avid golfer, Evan loves anything outdoors, and I am an obsessive reader.  Travel, cooking, music, and hanging out in our backyard are just a few of the other things our family enjoys.  We have a so many friends that share our lives on a daily basis and we just love to spend time with them.  Two years ago Evan began attending The Gan Garrett Jewish Preschool.  Since day one our group of friends has expanded exponentially!  We could not be happier with the school and the people involved. Our lives and hearts are full and one of the reasons for that is The Gan.

the challenges and sometimes we run a little low on patience but we do love being witness to their growth as they absorb the world around them. We are fascinated by their curiosity as they form interests seemingly independent but sometimes as a reflection of our own interests. Ari is enamored with rockets and planes, enjoys the water and learned to snorkel on our last vacation. Matan's interests seem to be molded by his big brother's but he has a greater affection for trains and building tracks. They are both fascinated with volcanoes and mountains and most recently telling knock knock jokes. We all love the great outdoors and are happy to be camping, floating a river, hiking, and biking. We travel often for pleasure and sometimes for work and we always look forward to making more memories with our children.

by epilepsy & CP. She loves school, parties, to be with family & swimming & she has a great sense of humor. Our 4 year old, Clara goes to the Gan. She loves school too, dancing, reading, art projects & animals. We all enjoy being outside & with friends & family! We travel often to our beach house in Manzanita Beach & try to go wherever
we can get! Sean & I have the philosophy that if we can get there, we'll go! We strive to provide as many life experiences & learning opportunities for our children as possible. We hope that you can find as much fulfillment from the Gan preschool as our family has!

Adam, Eden & Evan Stokey

​We are the Stokeys:  Adam, Eden, and our little four year old man, Evan.  Adam was born in Napa, CA and I hail from Seattle, WA.  We have lived in Salmon Creek together for nearly ten years and love our neighborhood.  Adam is a Project Manager for a medical equipment consulting firm that is based in Chicago and I am a part-time nanny for my niece and nephew who are just six months younger than Evan.  They are three peas in a pod and spend a ton of time together. We are lucky that Adam has a home office and can be with 

Andy, Sarah, Ari & Matan Mittleman
We are the Mittelmans; Sarah and Andy and our two beautiful sons Ari, age four and Matan, age two. We also have a few four legged family members; dogs Hugo and TJ and AJ our affectionate cat. Sarah and I have called Vancouver home since our marriage, eight years ago. We did not imagine that our future would involve washing tippy cups, setting limits, negotiating tantrums, encouraging good manners, and a whole host of other parenting duties. We don't always love all 

Sean, Kindra, Hannah & Clara Bryson
Hi! We're the Brysons- I was born & raised in Vancouver, and am now a Labor & Delivery Nurse and have had the honor to help many of my friends welcome their babies into the world! I love my job, I like to bake, swim, bike & garden. Sean has lived here in Vancouver since 1995. He is a Process Technician and was an avid triathlete. He has done many Olympic distance triathlons & half iron man races in the area & he did ironman Wisconsin. We have 2 daughters and a baby on the way! Our oldest, Hannah is 15, her life is challenged 

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