The Gan
Garrett Jewish Preschool

Our family absolutely loves The Gan! We are fairly new to the area and it's been great to connect with such a welcoming Jewish community. I did not expect to send my son to go to preschool as a 2-year-old, but after attending Mommy and Me at The Gan, he loved it so much we decided to send him that fall. We had a wonderful experience with the teachers and director, the program, and the other kids/parents. We are so excited to start another year, and to eventually send our daughter as well. Judaism is incredibly important to our family, so we always knew we would send our children to a Jewish preschool, but we never imagined to find one so committed to child-led learning, compassion, and academics, as well as Judaism.

Kate K.

My son has spent the last six months attending The Gan. He will turn three in a few days and we could not be happier with this school! I have volunteered a few days in the classroom and am absolutely floored with the constructive attention all of the kids receive. They pack a lot into their three and a half hour day but it never feels rushed. My son has made great friends, and so have I! The staff is so dedicated, caring and fun. My son will attend camp at The Gan and will hopefully attend preschool until he is in kindergarten.

Eden S.

When I was first told of The Gan's opening, I was thrilled! It has been such a fun and positive experience for us. I feel that he Gan is a warm and enriching environment for my son Noah to explore and learn about our Jewish faith and culture while gaining a valuable preschool education.And not only has Noah made some new wonderful friends, I have had the pleasure of making some too!Thank You for making such a special, lovely, and unique place possible.  

Heather G.

It is wonderful seeing how our grandchildren love their mornings at The Gan! They have show so much growth religiously, socially and intellectually. The teachers couldn't be more wonderful.

Rick & Marilyn G.