Our curriculum is based on the calendar and the child’s world. Through developmentally appropriate practice we work to implement the curriculum focusing on the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development of each child.

Some of the objectives of The Gan are:

- to provide a setting in which your child will feel safe and happy
- to use your child’s interests and experiences as the basis for learning and activities
- to help your child develop a love for learning; a love that is deep, wide, and ever-growing
- to provide opportunities for your child to learn academic skills through day-to-day activities and through interactive experiences with peers and adults
- to encourage your child’s love for books and foster the pre-reading skills appropriate to his/her stage of development
- to provide opportunities for your child to make discoveries and to use them in learning, developing the building blocks for the study of science
- to develop your child’s problem-solving abilities, developing the building blocks in the study of mathematics
- to encourage your child’s creativity and artistic expression
- to encourage your child to ask questions, which will be answered sincerely and honestly
- to develop your child’s social skills, in both one-on-one and larger group settings
- to encourage your child to work independently and with his or her peers
- to provide learning materials and equipment, as well as caring and committed adults, to help your child get the most out of school and of themselves.
- to help your child feel good about him/herself

Our staff plans, implements, and evaluates the classroom curriculum so your child receives the best opportunities for high quality education.

The curriculum is designed to incorporate all necessary activities so that your child meets, and even exceeds, the framework for preschool curricular goals & benchmarks. This includes structuring the environment, planning activities, and selecting materials to help accomplish our goals and give each child a successful start in school. A child should go through the preschool years associating fun with learning. If we’re really successful, that feeling will last a lifetime.